Government Solutions

Our government solutions include agency-specific information technology support services that are solution-oriented, reflect government needs, and maximize technology investments. We are committed to delivering the right people,


for the right tasks, at the right time.Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to surpass expectations with a continuous focus on efficiency, productivity and process improvement. Our core service offerings span a multitude of IT functions to provide comprehensive solutions.

Our Offerings

  • Operations & Infrastructure
  • Managed Staffing Solutions
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Microsoft Share Point
  • Document Management, Scanning, Indexing
  • Paralegal, Auditors, Investigator

Proud to have served:

  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Department of Defense
  • Dept. of Justice
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Naval Medical Center

Prime Contracts

Having played an active role in meeting the unique operations and engineering needs of the Department of Defense, we know that the technology and training for our armed forces is the difference between the success or failure of important government missions. Superior technology enhances their safety and success on today’s complex, ultra-fast battlefield.

With approximately sixty percent of our workforce having operational experience as former members of the military or in other government service positions, we work closely with our customers to design and deliver leading-edge technology services and solutions.

Our unique ability to recognize and foresee customer requirements decreases the time it takes to design, develop and deploy critical systems. Customers have come to depend on us as a true partner dedicated to mission success.
We have successfully solved our customer’s most complex mission challenges in the areas of:
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Help Desk Management
  • Task Management
  • Audio/Visual Communication
  • Acquisition, Procurement, and PMO Support

GSA Schedules

Ohm Systems has been awarded several contracts by the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA allows all Federal Government customers to easily obtain support services at pre-negotiated prices, terms, and conditions. All GSA Schedule rates are pre-approved and allow customers to avoid complex procurement processes and logistic systems. We can tailor a cost-effective offering suitable for your needs in a timely manner.

Schedule 70 – Information Technology Services: GS-35F-0476V

The GSA Federal Information Technology Supply Schedule 70 contract allows all federal government customers to easily obtain information technology support services at a pre negotiated price. Customers can place a purchase order directly with us to obtain the support they need. Our services include systems analysis, systems development, data conversion, and other similar types of services. Our current GSA 70 Schedule price catalog can be accessed from here.

Schedule 736 – Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing (TAPS): GS-07F-9171S

This GSA contract is designed to provide a wide variety of temporary support services to all federal government agencies. Using this contract vehicle, customers have a flexible means of meeting their temporary support needs quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Our current GSA 736 Schedule price catalog can be accessed from here.


Our practice is dedicated to helping state and local government solve the key challenges they face daily. The current fiscal situation is pressuring agencies to deliver results quicker and cheaper than ever. We are focusing our efforts to bring the success of our cost-effective service delivery strategies to cash-strapped governments who realize the cost-savings and return-on-investment potential that new IT modernization technologies can provide. Some of the states and localities we have helped include:
  • State of Pennsylvania
  • State of Maryland
  • State of Virginia
  • State of New York
  • City of Philadelphia
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Albany
  • City of Cleveland